"Excellent communication techniques role playing and kept us focused. Knew our business and able to deliver what we needed."

-Pam, SA Aquatic& Leisure Centre

 " To be honest it just re-affirmed a lot of good selling techniques I currently  do sub-consciously.  The presenter was fantastic ,his knowledge of the product was great and he spoke really fluently. "

-Ben Smith, SA Aquatic& Leisure Centre

"The presenter was excellent. Communication was very effective and expertise, and his knowledge is outstanding. "

-Kristen, SA Aquatic& Leisure Centre


Since our training day I have gotten serious, I have transferred everyone to direct debit and my cancellations have seized, I've registered a new business name BEN'S ARMY and built a webpage www.bensarmy.com.au, started a FB group BENS ARMY, check out my graphic design.I'm launching my own military style boot camps on jan 7th. My head is working so fast I'm dizzy, I've never pushed things this much. I have increased my rates on new clients (the price was in my head), i'm increasing existing clients in jan. Sometimes you just need a wake up call! This week I have 60 booked PT session! 

Cant wait to catch up again to improve more!!!!!

-Ben Sellars, Personal Trainer, Anytime Fitness Ballarat


Impact Training has delivered Sales & Communicationtraining to our Sales Team in the NSW region for over 6 years. Previous to our consolidation of the brand that now is the Institute, Impact has provided outstanding service to our sister   company; the Australian Fitness Network for 20 years.

 By designing a Sales Process that was tailored to suit our product & budget, Impact has been instrumental in teaching the Institute Team cutting edge skills to improve our sales process, increase our turnover, plus enhance our communication skills right across the business. Impact also has hands on approach to the development of the Sales Process to adapt to our ever changing product delivery. The Team at Impact also provide consistent customer service regarding the relationship with the Institute. I suppose that you could say that they really practice what they preach, that is also aligned with the culture & mission statement at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Impact Training also conducts monthly training for the NSW/ACT Institute Executive Team that builds a solid foundation for the management of our business from accountability to time management. 

With 14 Campuses nationally, Impact Training consults to the National Sales & Marketing Board for the development of the Institute’s Sales Process, they are vital to our success to making the right decisions.

I thoroughly recommend Impact Training Corporation to any business that wants to increase the top line of the business they are involved with. You will be amazed at the success that Impact can generate through its proven Sales & Communication training. 

- David Hatch, Australian Institute of Fitness

“For the past 10 years Impact Training has played a significant role in the staff training of Network’s membership and sales teams.

Much of our success can be attributed to the systems and ongoing support that Impact Training has provided”

- Nigel Champion, Australian Fitness Network

Steve I just wanted to pass on my great thanks for the "Member retention” session you ran for my club earlier this year. As with all clubs, we have been finding retention a really frustrating area and have been wanting to improve it. In the months prior to your training we were averaging a 12% conversion of members who were wanting to cancel, back onto a membership, or what we call "Saving a Life”. Since your session we are now averaging 22%. This has had a direct result on our bottom line of thousands of dollars per month. I honestly feel that this is a direct result of your training with our Management and Member Care consultant. Steve, once again thank you for the amazing passion and professionalism in your presentations and for the improvement you have given us on our bottom line.

- David Aitchison, Director, Genesis Fitness Club - Karingal

"After the first day, we found Impact Training to be the most effective way to develop our team and improve our sales performance. The team were so eager to get started with their new skills, they wanted to head back to the club after lunch!"

- Josh Buxton, Managing Director, Equilibrium Health & Fitness

We have seen our telephone sales figures more than Triple in as little as two months by just applying the strategies taught to us by Petar of Impact Training.

- Darren Holland, National Asset & Leasing Manager, Christie Corporate, Camp Eden


"Steve Jensen's workshops are motivating, educational and will give your team the results to drive them to create money for your organisation."

- Rob Salisbury, Sales Manager for Tom Hopkins International

After being a part time personal trainer for two years, I decided to quit my other job and concentrate on personal training full time. I knew for a long time that I wanted to help lots of people improve their fitness and health, but I lacked the confidence and knowledge needed to sell personal training. From a Steve Jensen seminar I attended, I learnt a lot of skills which helped me go from a company owned personal trainer with one loyal client, to an individual business owner, training over 20 clients per week. 

Which has made such a huge difference to my finances, I keep re-calculating my billing amount because it seems too good to be true. Steve's seminar really helped me have confidence to sell personal training using structured techniques, to show members that training with me will change their life and give them the fit and healthy body they are looking for. He taught me techniques to overcome objections, and that I"m worth the price I ask for. The main thing I learnt that I repeat over an over to myself, is in order to grow my business, I need to see more people


- Marlie Hodge, Personal Trainer, Genesis Fitness Club - Karingal 

"I've been around for a while and thought I was a 'know it all' but have been pleasantly surprised by how much I learned. It was a great refresher. Impact Training always has quality presenters who are informative, friendly, fun and are easy to learn from."

- Victoria, Contours

"15 sales just from today (the very next day after training), there's such a great buzz with all the team, Thanks from Sarah."

- Victoria, Input Fitness


"Petars presentation on cutting edge skills changed my way of thinking"

- Amy Grech, Equis Consulting Group