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The LEADING Online Sales Training for Fitness Professionals

If you are a Personal Trainer or Health club and you want to make more sales then you are in the right place. Impact online is all about giving you everything you need, when you need it, right at your finger tips. There are now 2 sections of Impact Online for you to enjoy:

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If you are doing your best to grow your fitness business and know that you could have more members and PT clients if you only knew the most powerful yet simple strategies. If you own or work in a Health Club or a PT Business..then the Impact Edu Saver is what you’ve been waiting for!

Each fortnight you receive an audio module & work book teaching you step by step how to get more prospects buying more memberships and more PT training sessions.

As a bonus you’ll also receive monthly Top Gun Interviews from industry experts sharing all their best secrets to their business success!

You’ll also receive $380 worth of bonus audios, e-books and video for free when you Join. So access the most up to date fitness sales strategies now 

The LEADING Online Sales Training for Fitness Professionals

Impact are excited to announce the launch of our Impact Online Site. The site was created to give access to all of our fitness industry sales training and strategies, to help fitness professionals learn the communication and selling skills essential to be successful. 

Giving fitness professionals easy access to a resource that has been sadly missing to date.

Now, you can learn how to acquire new clients and maximise your income potential ANYTIME, by receiving training and coaching from industry experts 24/7.

Everyone can learn how to have plenty of members and clients. The art of communication is one of the most important success strategies in the world, essential for maximising sales and increased profitability.

Knowing how to build relationships combined with easy-to-use professional selling skills and strategies is the key to increase your sales.

Impact Training have created, and are continually perfecting, cutting edge sales training and communication
techniques that make it easy for anyone to be successful.

Training as well as personally coaching and mentoring many very successful personal trainers, sales professionals, sales managers, owners & CEOs,  Impact Training is renowned for being the leading fitness sales and communication company in the world and is pioneered by Steve Jensen, one of the most saught after sales strategists and presenters in the world.