In House Training


Impact Training Corporation (ITC) provides In-House Sales and Communication, Consulting and Support programs. We tailor each training session to help reinforce existing skills whilst learning new and exciting techniques . We will help you to create a referral business, while making selling fun. 


Impact Modules include

1. ABC’s Of Selling Fitness:

2. Professional Communication Skills (DISC):

3. The Art Qualification (Pre-Chat):

4. Touring & Solution Strategies:

5. Transition & Price Presentation Techniques:

6a. Closing Strategy That Increase Sales:

6b. Overcoming Objections & Re-Closing:

7a. How To Take Incoming Calls:

7b. Telephone Rebuttal Strategies That Increase Appointment Show Rates 

8. Membership Referral Strategies:

9. Closing Referrals & Prospecting For More:

10. People Skills That Increase Sales: (NLP Skills)

11. How To Sell Personal Training (RBT/PT):

12. Sales & Lead Management:

13. The Quality Guarantee Strategy That Increases Closing Rates:                 

14. The Power of Your Front Line:

15. Negotiation Skills:

16. Time Management Magic:

17. Management Mastery (2 Day Program):

18. What Women Want: (Senior Annette Dobbins - Only)

19. Successful Outreach Strategies:

20. Marketing Made Simple: (Pro-Active Marketing Ideas for Sales People)

21. Pre-Sale Perfection:

 22. Reducing Cancellations & Increasing Your Clubs Income: (2 Days)


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