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According to the Financial Review (2017), more than 50% of businesses in Australasia fail to reach their sales targets, despite around 85% of them having an amazing offer that their target market is willing to buy. However, for a myriad of reasons, they experience issues in closing sales, or worse, struggle to generate the right leads. This results in frustrated business owners with all the right intentions but who are unable to sell and, therefore, unable to help the people who need your product or service the most.

Most businesses have been here; and most businesses, therefore, should want more sales.

We’ve heard the saying before, and it still rings true: failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If you fail to prepare your lead generation strategies, your sales strategies, your closing and price presentation strategies, and setting the right KPIs, then you will fail.

What most people don’t realise, is that making more sales can sometimes be as easy as sharing your KPIs with your team, or as simple as asking the question “would you like to buy?”

It takes thought and time to strategise but in order to strategise properly, you first need to identify the direction you want your business to head towards.
Steve Jensen (aka “Dr J”) has 30 years’ global experience in sales and communications training. His commitment to helping businesses and individuals learn how to make more sales and perform at their best, has been named Presenter of the Year in four different countries. Steve has created this simple e-guide to help you determine your ideal direction, which will then enable you to strategise for more sales.

This e-book will refresh your business strategy, so you can stop stagnating and start succeeding.

Here's what others say about Steve Jensen


I wanted training for my team as none of them had come from a sales background, nor had any sales training in the past. My team had great industry knowledge, and we were getting okay results, but they weren’t aware of how to build new relationships within the industry which is a crucial part of their role. After the sales training with Impact, our results are GREAT!


Previously, a big chunk of our business was coming from existing clients. We were really struggling to break into new businesses and build new relationships. I have personally trained with Steve before, so I expected nothing short of amazing, and that’s exactly what we got!


Steve always dedicates so much time and effort to ensure he delivered exactly what I need. We had several days where we dissected all of our current processes and planned what direction the business was heading in, and its needs moving forward. There is not a day or time Steve isn’t there to support me. The training sessions were filled with so much energy and motivation! The teams had an absolute ball, took away an abundance of knowledge, and raved about it for weeks!


After our training in September, the team had a record month in October with 187 sales! And, we are tracking another record month for November!


I would highly recommend Steve to each and every business; small or large! The training and support he delivers in truly invaluable and I look forward to many more years of training to come.


Mona Chebbour

State Sales Manager, Catalyst Education
evan moring

There is no better sales trainer in Australia than Steve Jensen. I had the privilege of doing the Sales Mastery Course with Impact Training a few years back and it changed my life forever.


Steve will teach you the skills and techniques to maximise your true income potential. His methods of coaching, leading and communicating are truly infectious and he delivers every time with such conviction and passion that you can't help but be moved to implement what you've learnt and in doing so you achieve some truly amazing things.


Steve gave me the skill-set to be able to set National Sales records with a number of different companies within the Fitness Industry. He taught me how to communicate and persuade people with different forms of behaviour to mine with ease.

Evan Moring

Business Development Manager, FFA Paysmart (NSW & ACT)
Kim Horner

I first met Steve when I started out in the Fitness Industry in 2007. At the time, Steve taught me everything I knew about sales and communication.


He also instilled in me the importance of continuous education and personal development, which has allowed me to continue to grow far beyond a point that I ever thought possible. The skills and knowledge that Steve imparted with me have created many opportunities for me and my career. Not only that, they’ve had a profound impact on me personally too.


Over the years I have implemented everything that Steve has taught me, and I’m now fortunate enough to be the National Sales Manager for one of the leading fitness companies in the country. Steve is an amazing coach and mentor, but more importantly a great friend and a good bloke. The team at Impact are an awesome bunch too, and are always a pleasure to deal with"

Kim Horner

National Sales Manager, Australian Institute of Fitness

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