Become a Sales Authority

Are You?

  • Burning your leads and having to increase marketing spend with low returns?
  • Finding the old ways of selling not work for you?
  • Frustrated with low conversions?
  • Finding it hard in competitive marketing place?
  • Not achieving your budgets & targets?


Selling has changed & like never before it’s crucial that you must focus on refreshing your sales processes so you save money by stop burning leads by learning the new ways to inspire more sales, increase yield and secondary spend.
Make more sales by focusing on conversion, as Conversion Is The Key.


  • Make More Money:
  • Save Time By Reducing Objections & Follow Up
  • Reduce Your Frustration Of Low Conversion By Using The New VCQP Selling Triggers
  • Learn How To Shorten The Sales Cycle & Close Effortlessly
  • Become A Sales Authority That Inspires People To Buy
  • Learn How Sell In The Digital Age And Make More Money

Would you like to start your journey in becoming a sales authority? Here are 4 ways to increase sales & make more money

Impact Training Have Been Global Leaders In Sales Training for over 2 decades and are the longest Servicing Multi Award Winning Sales Consultancy In Australasia, having Trained & Motored 5 Clubs and Studios Of The Year, Impact and the first training Consultancy that have successfully combine unique sales processes and techniques with soft skills wit sales and closing strategies all over the world.


The Impact Sales Implementation Program

Online Sales Modules with the most recent sales training

What's Included:

10 Modules to complete

Active learning with up to date sales tools


Support group

1 coaching call 20 minutes with Steve J *special offer


The Impact Sales
Success Club

Perfecting in sales requires constant practice, accountability, knowledge and support

What's Included:

The Impact Sales Implementation Program level 1

Monthly sales planning with the Impact team

Weekly sales skills and techniques training

Quarterly face to face practical workshops

On going support

Required tools & scripts included


The Impact Inner Circle
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The complete sales authority that will accelerate your sales and business success

What's Included:

The Impact Sales Implementation Program (Sales Authority Level 1)

The Impact Sales Success Club (Sales Authority Level 2)

The Impact team will work with you and your business one on one

Tailored In-house Training

Tailored workshops

Team Mentoring

Personal Mentoring & Coaching

Tailored sales tools

Full support

Sales resources


My Mentor Coaching
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Coaching one on one with one of the sales expert at Impact

What's Included:

One on one coaching

Tailored training

Are you ready to become a sales authority?

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