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Increase your personal training income

A trend in our industry is to sell personal training (PT) at point of sale (POS). In fact, doing so, as well as using other secondary spend profit centres, increases conversion of the primary spend, increases income, enhances the overall experience of prospects, and maximises the value you can demonstrate to your new members or…

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Digital trends with referrals to improve conversion

  A fast growing trend within the international fitness industry is the move towards using more digital tools. This is a natural progression with technological enhancements and while we remain a “belly to belly” industry, we would be foolish not to move with the times. These digital tools can certainly enhance efficiency, however the most…

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Teach and inspire to show that you are the expert

Avoiding pain and moving towards pleasure is the greatest motivator of human behavior, especially when it comes to making fast decisions. These days, our prospects are savvy buyers, so in order to close the sale we must know learn how to teach. This means that successful sales now involves: avoiding pain, moving towards pleasure and…

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