Cutting Edge Selling Skills

Cutting Edge Sales                                                    

Cutting Edge is a short, intensive course that will certainly make a difference in your sales success. It is designed to give you or your business the world's leading sales skills and techniques used by those who are practising in the top 5% of their industry. It doesn't matter how you sell, if it's face to face or over the phone, this is for everyone!

We've taken the key fundamental skills and tools for sales success, jammed them into 2 days and called it "Cutting Edge".

So, if you are looking for a course that is practical, interactive and will take your sales to the next level... This is it!    
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DAY 1 - Professional Communication Skills (DISC)                                                                 

DAY 2 - The ABC's to Selling Anything                                                                                   

Selling is a skill, and skills are learnt. Talk to us about your goals today!













Feedback from Cutting Edge Attendees

 Rather than pitch aimlessly, I was taught how to build relationships with potential customers that made me aware of their needs before mine. Within months I was able to see the results, my confidence was through the roof and my conversion rate had increased by over 20% in the first two months.

Stefan Villalobos, Account Manager, JobServe


It gave me a strong foundation for confidence. Basic models which I can apply directly were gained, particularly I can see my faults from the past.


Christina Ham, Company  HS3 Media


It opened my eyes and perception of sales. It is appropriate to our business and life.  The presenter was very interesting and engaging

Genevieve Holden, Wesley Mission Valley


Learned about tailoring my behaviour according to the styles of clients and the eight selling steps.

Hunter valley Real Estate, Debra Ford


It helped me to learn about closing sale using alternative choices.
Understanding people's behaviour and create the "ish". The presenter is very knowledgeable and confident in his address.

Jess Warner, Wesley Mission Valley