The Ultimate Conversion From Trial Session To Paying Client Full Package

Price: $67.00



One of the biggest and most used sales strategies in the fitness industry is the complementary workout.

It doesn't matter if you work in a health club or studio or freelance PT or a outdoor boot-camper,
everyone uses this strategy because it works right ?

OH NO !  Not always I hear you say. 

Are you seeing this more and more? 
Well there is a way to turn that round so the majority of people taking your  
complementary pass turn into paying clients.

In this 1 Hour and 12 min high power strategy session with Steve Jensen you’ll discover 
the secret to “Selling Biology”  and how to have your clients buy from you so you never have to “sell”.

inside this video, 57 page ebook and additional workbook you’ll see how you
can put these tools to work for you immediately.

  • Understand why clients buy!  and why you get in their way of doing so.
  • Learn how to future pace to inspire 
  • Why the only PT that should train them is you
  • Understanding clients needs and wants
  • Why ensuring a specific result ins a “Must do”
  • Use the 7 m’s to your advantage
  • How to easily wrap up a sale when you know the prospect is ready to buy
  • and a bundle more....

***NOTE : this is a digital download video and ebook****

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