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The Secret To Dramatically Increasing Your Sales

Thousand of dollars are lost every day because of poor conversion processes. Countless appointments are made that don’t show and so many tours are completed with no result. The question that is regularly asked is why do some sales people excel and others struggle.

Steve will show you how the most successful sales people see more prospects so they make more sales by learning how to mastered the art of qualification. By implementing this essentials skill into all your sales you will know how to take and make calls that increase the number of people that want to buy from so never have to feel like you have to sell maintain success and others don’t?

Make Every Call Count! 

When a prospect arrives are your Business at a pre arranged meeting they are approximately 80% sold. So one of the easiest ways to increase sales is to See More People and watch the magic happen.

 Stop wasting thousands of dollars each year on failed marketing campaigns and make every call count. Learn how to reduce call reluctance and ensure you have the skills to make the most of this under utilized income tool (The Phone). Discover how to use the phone to make outgoing calls effectively and take back to your Business a list of the different types of telephone prospecting strategies that will increase the number appointments you have each day. Increase the number appointments and reduce your cost per lead and increase your closing rates. Too good be true? Happy To Say, No It’s Not! Create a positive experience over the phone and insure that each prospect that books to see you has a compelling reason to meet you could double or triple your sales.

Become A Super Closer

 To be successful in sales you MUST be able to ‘Close’. This essential skill is what every sales person is judged on. Closing can be easy if you know how! Steve will show you how to use pre-closing strategies on the phone to insure each prospect shows and is ready to buy. Discover how to create a solid closing foundation and use testing techniques that make closing much easier and reduce objections. Learn how to ask for the sale confidently so you become a Super Closer

Avoid The Inevitable Sales Slump 

It is inevitable Most Sales Professionals will have the dreaded selling slump. Discover the reasons why selling slumps happens and take back to your business the ‘Sales Persons Tool Box’ that will give you most of the answers to turn your sales around. The first step is identifying the reasons for your slump this is usually the biggest step and most important step to make sure you never having one again. Steve will remind you of all some of the skills, techniques and strategies that many sales people forget that you must have Tool Box that will ensure your can reverse any slump that start to occur. You see it’s not what happens to you that maters, it’s what you do about it that makes the difference. Taking action and use the ‘Sales Persons Tool Box and watch your sales improve.

Using Your Profit Centres To Increase Sales & Profitability! 

Fact: The subtle skill of using Profit Centres effectively has assisted in closing more sales and helped with retention in Clubs worldwide! Learn how to increase your secondary spend at your Club or Studio and make your Profit Centres MORE profitable. Understanding that the secondary spend increases the primary sale and the yield makes your Profit Centres an import part of selling in a competitive market. Learn telephone techniques that will have your prospects showing more regularly and ready to buy more. Learn how use your tours intelligently so your prospects buy more, stay longer and refer more regularly.

Touring Strategies That Can Double Your Sales

 Learn how to master the forgotten art of touring. Sales people spend hours learning how to close when time after time the sale has been made or lost during the tour.  The Tour is THE END of the sale, but this important skill has in recent times had little time devoted it. Remember this: Many sales are closed prior to price presentation.

 Learn how conduct interesting dynamic tours that make it easy for people to buy and take the sell out of selling. Increase your clubs bottom line by learning how to make your tours memorable and solution based experiences that will help your prospects buy more by using cutting edge people skills that are fun and very effective.

 Turn Your Cancellations into a Profit Centre

 The loss of memberships at health clubs costs thousands of dollars each year. Learn how to turn your cancellations into a profit centre and increase your clubs retention. Having an easy to use plan is the first step and knowing how to re qualify each member is the key. Learn how to take the cancellation call and re establish rapport with your members and understand how to use the save strategy so you can present a tailored solution that will have your members wanting to continue their membership at your club. Take back to your club the save strategy that will have your members wanting to stay and maximise your clubs income.

 Rapport The Only Way to Make More Sales

In an ever increasing competitive market place sales are becoming harder to make! Many sales are lost in the first 2 to 5 minutes. The reason: Many sales people do not earn the right to present their product or service because the prospect is feeling, uneasy, scared and wary of the sales person. One of the only ways to reduce this scenario is for sales professionals to understand the Power of Rapport and the art effective communication. Often talked about but rarely taught, this essential selling skill is the one the secret weapons of the most successful sales people around the world. Steve will show you how create massive rapport and to communicate effectively to help you maximise the every income opportunity and have your prospects buying from you more often, so you never have to use pushy selling techniques that push potential members and client out of the door.

 How To Stack & Sack Of PT

 Many great Personal Training Businesses struggle because of limited business planning and a poor understanding of the sales process. Learn some of the key elements that will give your Personal Training Business a solid foundation to BOOM. A good understanding of the eight steps of selling fitness is crucial and knowing how to put them into practical use is essential.  Learning skills such as qualification and how to present PT and close WILL help you increase your client base FAST. Selling PT at point of sale at Clubs increase closing rates and is an important part of the sales and referral process. Increase PT sales and watch your business GROW! 

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