What is Impact Training?

Impact Training Corporation (ITC) was developed to help you with crucial steps needed to achieve personal desired business solutions.

Through a ‘Strategy Day’ with you and your team, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business’ current sales model
and begin the training required to maximize revenue with techniques uniquely developed for your situation.

Impact Training specialises in identifying crucial steps necessary to achieve your desired business solutions, working with you and your team in a ‘Strategy Day’. This day will identify Strengths & Weakness so your training gives you the skills to maximize your true potential.

Set your team up for success with powerful training methods proven to have an immediate effect on your bottom line. 

Release the potential of your people by setting them up for success with powerful, proven trainingmethods that will have immediate effect on your bottom line.

Contact us today and have an Impact Trainer visit you to tailor a training program that will maximise your income potential.

Make More Sales

The biggest threat to a thriving business is an imbalance of profit and costs, when the latter exceeds the former you and your account start seeing red. The fastest and most effective way to increase business revenue is through sales, both for goods and services. We teach you how to accelerate your sales rates with some of the world’s leading sales professionals at your disposal.

There not a lot is business that More Sales won’t fix.. More Sales will fix the majority of issues in business.

 Understand Your Business 

At ITC we believe that understanding your business’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is the cornerstone of a business’ sales success. Knowing how to use your KPIs will empower you to plan the sales activities required to reach, and exceed, your desired sales targets. KPIs also help to isolate areas that require urgent skills training, effectively reducing the risk of decreased sales during the training process.

 Do you really know what the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are for your business to ensure its sales success?

Knowing how to use your KPI’s will empower you to plan the sales activities that must be completed to achieve targets.  KPI’s also isolate areas that require urgent skills set training, reducing the possibility of losing sales.

Discover how to drive your business through its KPI's to gain greater financial success.

 One of the fastest ways to change your business performance

Contacting ITC now ask us how!

How to Create Real Rapport & Build Strong Relationships To Increase Sales

Irrespective of what we think about ourselves, in sales, it's often how we are perceived that counts. Do you know how you come across to potential customers and clients?

We teach you how to:


Your Own ‘Personal Success Profile’

 Click here for your ‘Personal Success Profile’ that will give you the keys to create and develop strong positive relationships at work and home.

Empower Your Team

1. Overcome self-doubt in selling.

2. Instill confidence in all selling situations.

3. Give your team the tools to become experts in communication, not just ‘sales people’.

4. Ensure your employees reach their full potential by empowering them with easy-to-use communication and selling skills they can use at work and in their personal lives.

5. Give your team the tools to manage themselves and insure personal and professional growth.

Learn How To Drive, Inspire & Motivate Yourself & Others

Seize the day by learning how to:

  1.       Use Communication Skills

  2.       Create Positive Relationships

  3.       Find Real Team Members Motivator

  4.      Delegate Effectively

  5.      Use Data To Give Constructive Feedback

  6.      Focus On Outcomes & Not Negative Distractions

Make More Sales - Create More Money

For successful sales results it is essential your team understands and utilise effective sales and management techniques. The result is a growing profit margin for your business.

Train your team to achieve amazing results through effectivesalesandmanagementtechniques that will createmoremoney for you and your business.

Impact Training Services

Impact Training guarantee a tailored workshop to your training requirements and, even more importantly, work with you and your team to implement these learnt sales and communication techniques.  We make sure that your new skills are implemented to maximise the return on your training investment.

You receive:

 In House Workshops

 Business Coaching

 My Mentor

 Impact Express